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Empower Coaching Network, Inc. It’s a mindset, a community, a movement that empowers men and women around the world. We inspire, enlighten, uplift and encourage our community to turn on their power within to shine! Empower Coaching Network is more than learning, growing and hitting goals like never before: it’s a movement to empower you to create the life of your dreams. We are a passionate coaches serving women and men with social consciousness to provide value to the world. Join us to Be, Do, Have and Give more to live the life of your desires!

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Empower Coaching Network, Inc. visionary leaders to reach their highest potential in health, wealth, love and happiness that has a ripple effect into the world. As a network of specialized coaches, we provide transformational tools, techniques, coaching services and products that deliver the gold standard in personal empowerment to inspire leaders to release limiting beliefs, transform and expand for breakthrough results.

We inspire you to turn on your power within through Group Coaching Classes, One-on-One Coaching Sessions and Life Coach Certification! We believe that when you focus on all four areas of life – Health , Wealth , Love and Happiness, you will ultimately live the good life….your dream life! When you begin to integrate all four areas daily, energy flows, you create momentum, your life changes in ways beyond what you imagined, you find balance and you begin to release the greatness within to live the life you desire.



Empower Coaching Network, Inc. commits to our community to uphold the following Core Values in our business practices, products, services, operations and conduct:

  • To Empower you
  • To Inspire you
  • To Uplift you
  • To Serve you

We hold ourselves accountable and responsible to uphold these values in Empower Coaching Network. We pride ourselves on being outward focused in our coaching to deliver you powerful results. We will create an environment where you feel safe, secure and comfortable to share, contribute and participate full on in your transformation. It is imperative to us to provide the right environment for you to release the greatness within to reach your highest potential.

We offer you our support and encouragement in fulfilling your dreams. We will empower you to take 100% responsibility to create the life you desire. Just as the butterfly goes through its transformation, you have to want to fly so much that you are willing to give up anything less. We know everyone has the potential within just waiting to be released….with a little coaching.


Coaching is a proven tool for powerful transformations when you work with an experienced coach. At Empower Coaching Network, we bring specialized, experienced coaches in health, wealth, love and happiness together to coach, empower and uplift you! We are committed to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from creating what you want in your own life with our highly effective process.

Do you have the results you desire in health, wealth, love and happiness? If not and you are ready to make a change in one or all four areas, our expert coaches will empower you to turn on your personal power! Here’s how:

  • We identify what’s preventing you from achieving your desired results
  • We work with you to release limiting beliefs in your sub-conscious
  • We assist you to create new success beliefs and mindset for your desired results
  • We coach you to achieve your desired goals to get you your desired results

Once you breakthrough negative, recurring thoughts and feelings that have held you back, you’ll open the gates to your inner dreams and longings…to whatever has been eluding you and out of reach…to creating exactly what you want in your health, wealth, love and happiness! We don’t tell you what to do; we guide you to uncover your true desires, awareness, cognitions and realizations. You have all the answers within, we work in partnership with you as your facilitator and coach.

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