As a complete coaching company, we provide our community with Group Coaching Webinars, Online Coaching Programs and One-on-One Coaching packages with focus in health, wealth, love and spirituality for your coaching needs. Our specialized coaches have the degrees, certifications, credentials and life experiences that guarantee life-changing coaching for you. They have experienced life’s ups and downs, learned from contrast, turned it around to their greatest triumph and are ready to inspire you to do the same.

We are focused on you, your desires, your goals and your results by guiding you to your own decisions. You have all the answers within, we help you have awareness, discoveries, cognition's and realizations.

Our group Coaching Programs are a perfect way to get started being coached in a comfortable and supportive group environment. Your Master Coach is skilled to work with group members in an interactive coaching session with the right combination of knowledge and coaching. In a group environment you learn from other’s experiences and perceptions with a synergistic effect on the group’s results.  Our group Coaching Programs meet weekly via 60-75 minute conference calls, and may be supplemented with audios, videos, books and worksheets. Additional materials fees may be added.

When our clients engage in our coaching process, they have experienced more happiness, confidence, belief in self, momentum, increased energy, increased awareness of their true desires and achievement of their goals. Take a look at what our clients have shared in our Rave Results section our website. One-on-One Coaching Programs offer privacy, specific attention to your needs and more direct focus for quicker results in multiple areas of your life. Your Master Coach will have the opportunity to work at a deeper level with you to identify and release specific barriers for your breakthrough. With our direct attention to your needs, you will move forward quicker to create success in whatever you desire. Our One-on-One Coaching packages are available in 6 month programs. Our group Coaching Programs and One-on-One Coaching are done via teleconference calls and webinars for your convenience.

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Empower Group Coaching Programs

The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery, Level 1:

Unlock your PURPOSE, ignite your PASSION and activate your POWER to create and live your heart's desires.

Joann Lysiak,
Founder, Author and Mindset and Manifest Mastery Coach 

Here's what this will look like:

In this online program, you will receive:

FIVE Modules ($1,297 value) containing 2-3 training videos and audios of 15-30 minutes all designed to help you learn Your Essential Formula to Manifesting and hand-outs that will guide you to take the right action for the results you desire.

· Module 1: Discover Your True Desires

· Module 2: Uncover Your Hidden Blocks

· Module3: The Power of Letting Go

· Module 4: Your Toolkit for Manifesting

· Module 5: Your Roadmap to Rave Results

· Each Module contains Worksheets for your reflection and action to stay on track, tuned in and applying the concepts for results.

· Private Facebook page for group interaction and Q & A


  • Module 6 - Putting it Together. Value - $350
  •  Four Guided Visualization Audios. Value - $150
  • One LIVE Group Q & A Session. Value - $200 with the Basic, Self-Guided Program.


Basic, Self-Guided Online Program Tuition- $397. 

Premium, Coach-Guided Online Program Tuition with 7 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions PLUS One Private 25 minute Coaching Session with Joann valued at $350 is $797. This is HIGHLY recommended for MAXIMUM RESULTS.


  • DATES: Mondays, 9/10/-10/22/18
  • TIMES: 9:00-10:00pm Eastern / 8:00-9:00 Central / 7:00-8:00 Mountain / 6:00-7:00 Pacific
  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT - Premium, Coach-Guided Program With 7 LIVE group, Coaching Sessions: $797
  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT - Basic, Self-Guided Online Program with video, audios and worksheets - $397.

Contact Joann for more information at [email protected]

Are you creating your dream life...and are you manifesting it? How good would it feel to manifest your heart's desires starting NOW?

We are all creators, here to create our heart's desires and live it. We find immense joy in creating our true desires and manifesting our dream life!

Sounds easy, right? Well not quite, there's more to, otherwise, we'd all have it. So what is preventing us from manifesting our true desires?

There are several reasons that most people don't know about or even why it is so essential to follow them in order to manifest their desires in wealth, health, love and spirituality. I've discovered many of the reasons through my personal experiences, life lessons and wise teachers.

The Essential Formula for Manifesting Mastery will unlock your purpose, ignite your passion and activate your intuition to create and live your true desires. You will be given the right process to create, achieve and live your deepest desires in health, wealth, love and spirituality (even if you’ve never done it before or think it’s too woo woo for you).

If you're not getting the results you want, something you are doing isn't working and unless you fix it, you'll continue to get more and more of the same, along with the frustrations and unhappiness of not having it.

You might be asking what will this program do for my life...to make it better?

1. Knowing what you truly desire is the first step and most overlooked step to manifesting. You'll get clear in what matters most to you so you can feel it, see it and create it.

2. You will uncover the hidden cause to what's preventing you from manifesting it, this will be empowering to have awareness and discoveries to move forward.

3. The #1 reason you don't have what you want right now are your Mindset BLOCKS that you will begin to energetically release on the LIVE group Coaching Sessions with me, I highly recommend you register for the Premium Coach Guided package for your maximum results. You will rceive tools and techniques in the modules that you can use on your own to let them go.

4. You will learn specific tools and techniques that when used correctly to manifest, produce your desired outcomes. You can start manifesting your desires into reality when you use the right tools and techniques in the correct manner.

5. When you get the roadmap to your desired results and follow it correctly, things start happening in your life in health, wealth, love and spirituality....you get results and your happiness increases. You will activate your intuition and the power within to manifest your heart's desires.

Imagine, you are finally getting the results in your life that you have wanted for so long. Let that sink in. How do you feel...happy...fulfilled...confident...peaceful? Isn't that worth it?

This is not a magic pill or magic potion. The magic is within you to do the right things to make it happen...when you do, life becomes magical and you'll see miracles!

Here's what you can expect from my program when you participate:
  • The veil will be lifted, for you to discover what matters to you most...creating and living your heart's desires.
  • When you follow the process the correct way, you will notice a shift in your beliefs and actions as you create momentum.
  • You will feel lighter, brighter, more positive and in charge as you begin to create your desired results.
  • You will begin to activate your intuition and your creative power to manifest your results.
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Release, Reset and Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body!

Joann Lysiak,
Founder, Chief Empowerment Officer
Certification, Mindset & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Here's what this will look like:



    • On Saturday, you will receive an email with a detox handout, smoothie recipes and materials for the 3 Day Detox. Value - $50
    • You will receive 6 video modules on toxins and detoxification, Value - $300 
    • On Monday, at 7:00pm CT, we will have a 60 minute live call to get you started right and release any limiting beliefs. Value - $300
    • You will receive an email with a daily video or audio and handout on each of the 3 days in the Detox. Value - $105
    • We will have a 45-60 minute live call on Tuesday, for coaching and to answer any questions. Value - $300
    • We will have a follow up 45-60 minute live call on Thursday, to celebrate your great results. Value - $300
    • This will be an exciting experience for you as you flush out those toxins weighing your body down. It is based on a whole food, organic, vegetarian food plan meant for detoxing.
    • You can find organic ingredients in most food stores. You will need a turbo blender as a NutriBullet, Blendtec, Ninja or Vitamix for your green smoothies. You can get my favorite NutriBullet at Target or Walmart as an investment in your healthy future for about $69!
    • I will support you through it with guidance, instruction and inspiration!


  • DATES: Coming Soon.
  • TIMES:
  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT: $497, value - $1,250.

Contact Joann for more information at [email protected]

Rave Results

"Thank you, Joann! Your detox challenge came along at just the right time. I had been traveling for 6 weeks and needed a reboot, and that’s exactly what I got. As soon as you sent the first email and video with instructions, I jumped in with gusto and ended up doing a 5 day detox. I feel terrific and am back on track with my healthy lifestyle. I'd highly recommend this detox to others because you make it easy and fun. In fact, I can see myself doing this again in the future. Thank you!”

~ Leslie Hamp, seeker of all things healthy



Spring is a perfect time reset your body! Reset your mind, body and life through a little cleansing process called detox. It’s said that toxins contribute to 90% of disease and illness, from headaches, joint pain, excess weight, brain fog, skin conditions to Arthritis, Dementia and the big C. Toxins are in our air, water, food, beauty products, cleaning products furniture and many more. With all these toxins bombarding our body, it can't keep up clearing them out and if we are not feeding our body the proper nutrition and herbs over time, you accumulate toxins in your body that takes a strain on it and it begins to breakdown which shows up as a symptom like brain fog, headaches, body aches and indigestion. Here's a big news flash - toxins are stored in your fat cells and when you begin to detox you release the toxins and the fat. Through proper detoxing, you can release weight most of the time, my clients have!

So what a person to do? First, be aware of what is toxic and eliminate then from your life for you, your family and pets. Second, find out how to safely detox and what you can do daily and as a protocol to rid your body of the nasty toxins.  Your solution - join my 3 Day Rejuvenation Challenge otherwise known as the Detox Challenge. Always consult with a wellness coach in the know about detox, I'm your gal, I know all about detox.

Due to my own heavy metal toxicity years ago, I had severe symptoms that impacted my life to the point that I couldn't function and handle running my business. I knew something was wrong, did my research, worked with experts and began to detox. I learned what to do and became an expert in detoxing. I turned my life around due to detoxing and am passionate in helping others due the same in my 3 Day Detox Challenge!

In my 3 Day Rejuvenation Challenge, you will learn simple and do-able steps to detox your mind, body and life that when applied will give you positive results for your desires:

  • You want to feel confident in your ideal body weight, wearing the clothes that flatter your fit body.
  • You want to reduce your stress to experience inner peace, serenity and take back control of your life to have more fun.
  • You want have abundant energy, moving with ease and flexibility doing all the activities and adventures you love.

You want it if only you didn't doubt yourself and whether you can do it. Today is a new day for you....you can do it with a simple method over the 3 days with guidance and instruction from me you will be able to integrate into your life and continue with for a dynamic life. Take charge of your health and take charge of your life! You are worth it!

Here's how detox can benefit you:

  • Increased energy
  • Release excess weight...shed fat
  • Improved memory and sharpness
  • Glowing skin
  • Elevated mood
  • Improved digestion
  • Eliminates body pain
  • Aids in deeper sleep
Here's what you can expect from my program when you participate:
  • Learn what products are toxic, what to avoid and what to look for in your products to start the process.
  • Create a long term "healthier" lifestyle to feel better than ever as you integrate detox into your life.
  • Learn how make simple nutritious green smoothies for detox and nourishment.
  • Learn how to eliminate the top reason for weight gain so you can begin to shed the excess weight.

Mindfulness - Being In The Moment

Joann Lysiak,
Founder, Chief Empowerment Officer
Certification, Wellness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach


  • Dates: Coming Soon
  • TIMES: 9:00-10:00 Eastern / 8:00-9:00 Central / 7:00-8:00 Mountain / 6:00-7:00 Pacific
  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT: $497 for 4 week live group class

Contact Joann for more information at [email protected]

Are you overwhelmed, stressed, juggling 2-3 things at the same time feeling as though life is zipping right by?  Do you feel as though you are repeating the same things over and over automatically without any thought? We live in a fast paced world, impacted by stress causing us to rush around as we are bombarded by distractions taking us away from what really matters most. What if you could be calm, centered, aware, conscious of every moment and living in the present? In this class you will experience mindfulness......being in the present moment, being aware of your thoughts, feelings, body sensations and environment to experience joy, happiness and peace!

Here’s what you can expect from the class:

  • Feel more centered, grounded and in charge of your life
  • Learn appropriate responses to reduce stress that you can apply for immediate results
  • Learn how to create a mindful lifestyle to be present and living in the moment
  • Turn distractions into results based action
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Private One on One Coaching Packages

 One on One Life Coaching Packages are available in 6 month packages that include video modules with worksheets and twenty, 60 minute sessions per month with Joann.

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