Wouldn’t your life be over the top exciting and fulfilling if you lived your dream life, achieved your goals and manifested your desires every time with ease?

Maybe your goal process has felt as you’re throwing darts blind-folded…or your manifesting felt like riding in a plummeting roller coaster…or your pursuit of living the dream felt more like drifting aimlessly on a boat without the oars.

Not ideal, right?

We’ve heard how important it is to set goals and identify our dreams to manifest what we desire into reality BUT most of us were never took Goal Setting 101 in High School or College…most of us we picked up bits and pieces of goal setting on our own and put it together like a puzzle, searching for the missing pieces.

I’m not innately a systems kind of gal so fortunately for me, I learned goal setting right out of college in my corporate career and it stuck to me like glue throughout my life.

Years later, I exchanged my corporate goal setting process for a more Spiritual process to manifest my desires and dreams.

Whether you prefer to use goals vs. desires or achieve vs. manifest, the business or spiritual terms mean the same and net the same end results… momentum, progress and success!

I’m going to cut to the chase by sharing – How to Achieve Your Goals/Desires in 4 Do-able Steps…yes I promise you they are very do-able and spot on.

Step one, the MOST IMPORTANT step, is essential to nail down since the other three steps are built on this step and if you miss this one you’ll have a shaky foundation to build on.

Step 1. Define Your Dream and Get a Burning Desire For its Achievement…this is straight out of the Book to Success – Think and Grow Rich.

Get super clear of what you desire deep within your heart, in other words if money were no object and you knew you couldn’t fail….what would you BE, DO, HAVE and GIVE?

Tip – You must go deep within beyond your limiting beliefs and engrained programs to uncover what makes you truly happy.

Grab a piece of paper and starting writing without any screening or censoring what you want to be, do, have and give to others.

Include the senses – how does it feel, taste, sound etc.

When you’re doing this exercise, do you feel happy?

If you’re hitting your desires, you will feel happy, excited and ready to get going to make it happen…if you did, you just hit the jackpot by activating your BURNING DESIRE!

Your BURNING DESIRE is also known as your WHY…why do you want it?

Your Why is your fuel to drive you through the ups and downs of the achievement of your dream…it’s your fire burning within.

Step 2. Identify and Eliminate What’s Stopping You from Having It.

What’s stopping you is better known as your false beliefs, old programs, automatic patterns, emotional triggers, negative thoughts and bad habits…these are the saboteurs of your dreams that must go ba-bye for you to manifest your desires.

How do you identify your saboteurs?

First look at your currents results and ask yourself – what constant thoughts, beliefs, patterns, programs, emotions and habits CAUSED it…use self-awareness to identify them and consciously CHOOSE to let them go.

The powerful energetic technique that I use to eliminate the saboteurs with my clients is the Emotional Clearing Technique that releases them with ease and instant relief so it doesn’t stop you from manifesting your desires and goals.

If you are fired up to begin to release the blocks, you can learn several techniques in my Manifesting Mastery Program to identify and clear them out like the Leader of your mind.

No reason to continue to struggle through negative emotional triggers and programs…know there is better choice that releases them when they pop up to sabotage you.

Step 3. Consciously Create a New Empowering Mindset Aligned to Your Dreams.

To manifest your desires, you must create new thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions that would bring you the results you want and intend for it to happen.

Think about the end results, and write a list of what thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions you must take on to become the person who has the results.

You must become a different person, the person who has the mindset to manifest the results you want.

In short, you must re-wire your brain with an empowering mindset.

Step 4. Set a Next Step Goal and Take Inspired Action.

Refer to your Define Your Dream lists to set your next step goal to manifest your desires.

Choose your Next Step Goal based on what’s most important, beneficial and exciting to you.

Write the rules to WIN by setting a goal that’s a bit of a stretch but not too much of a stretch, that gets you excited, that you believe you can achieve and is meaningful to you.

Here’s what gets you results – ACTION…Take Inspired Action!

There you have it, How to Achieve or Manifest Your Goals/Desires in 4 Do-able Steps.

These 4 Steps when followed will manifest your goals and desires for your greater happiness and fulfillment.

I’m excited for you to get started to manifest your desires!

If you would like more help in manifesting your desires and goals, click on this link to download my free video on the 4 Steps. LINK

Thank you and happy manifesting!

More to come…..

Joann xo