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Do You Desire to Become a Life Coach or Learn Coaching Skills as a Visionary Leader?

The EMPOWER, Life Coach Certification Program is a premium, 6-month “Life Coach” training program for visionary leaders seeking excellence who aspire to learn, expand and integrate Life Coaching skills to their business or begin a business as a Life Coach. We believe you have all your answers within, we will co-actively coach you to uncover your heart's desires through our deep dive process to discover your gifts, talents and greatness within.

EMPOWER Life Coach Certification is a spiritually grounded program designed to activate your intuition and ignite your power source for your answers within. When you engage in our "empowering" Certification Program and master our Empower Coaching process, you will transform your life, learn how to use your inner wisdom to keep yourself on track, and become an extraordinary Coach equipped to coach others in your business or in a fulfilling business as a certified Life Coach.

We believe that a visionary group of aspiring Life Coaches seeking excellence are desiring a premium Life Coach Certification that provides personalized attention focused on coaching mastery. Empower Coaching Network's primary intention is to provide a premium Life Coach certification program the provides newly certified Life Coaches with the skills, intuitve abilities and unique talents to masterfully coach their clients to desired results in confidence and authenticity.

What sets Empower Coaching Network apart from the Life Coaching industry is that while many programs offer certification in a weekend, 2 months or via online self-directed programs, we believe for you to be a masterful coach, equipped to transform lives upon certification, it requires personal coaching with our Master Coach first on your life situations to achieve your desired outcomes, then with focused direct attention to your coaching abilities.

You will get private 1 on 1 time with Founder and Master Coach, Joann Lysiak, in this comprehensive Life Coach certification to release your limiting beliefs, activate your intuitive abilities, and ignite your power to be an extraordinary EMPOWER Coach.  You will learn a powerful, clearing technique to release stuck emotions, patterns and limiting beliefs that are the hidden cause of undesired results. This is the most critical piece for transformation and achieving desired outcomes in health, wealth, love and spirituality.

It's About YOU, Your Transformational Experience and Your Ability to Coach Others!

The first four months are focused on YOU and your life aspirations as you are coached in the EMPOWER Coaching Process. It's about you discovering your desires, Life Vision in health, wealth and spirituality and gifts and talents to unleash your greatness within. As you learn powerful tools and techniques to activate your power within, you will create and live the life you desire, realize your dreams, and define your success on your own terms.

Our Empower training is an advanced coaching process because we teach you how to identify and clear subconscious beliefs and emotional blocks that cause undesired results— blocks most are not aware of, blocks that reside in the subconscious mind. Once these blocks are cleared, you will be able to create new beliefs and action steps that generate the results you desire. EMPOWER Life Coach Certification raises the coaching bar to deliver results for you and your clients with our ability to release the cause of undesired results with our energetic release process. This is the game changer in our coaching process for you to use to clear your limiting beliefs and unsupportive patterns, and use with your clients in your coaching business for maximum results.

In our certification, we provide you with the tools, techniques, exercises and concepts that facilitate change and produce results. You will retrain your mind for a quantum leap and breakthrough.

During our Certification Program, you will receive training modules with videos, audios and weekly downloadable worksheets for your coaching notebook. Our program is designed to provide you with personalized, group coaching sessions and private deep dive sessions with our Master Coach focused on your personal growth and coaching abilities. When you complete the certification process, you will feel confident and fully equipped in your coaching abilities to step into the role as an extraordinary Coach attracting ideal clients. During the six months of consistent coaching, you will be creating and living your heart's desires to be ready and credible to do the same for your clients.

We teach you and we certify you as we guide you through this process via 60-75-minute, 20 live weekly webinars and 20 training modules containing videos, audios and weekly worksheets. In addition to our Certification classes, Empower Coaches can remain engaged in the coaching process with other Empower Coaches through ongoing training.

Rave Client Results:

What an incredible journey this has been and continues to be! Working with Joann has been enlightening and inspiring, to say the least, as I have gained the confidence and the skills/ tools needed to empower me in my own life and in others’ lives. Joann is the ultimate “lighthouse” - her beam is steady and bright, as she guides her clients and coaches-in-training to their destination of choice. From our weekly live online sessions to her videos, Powerpoints, assigned readings and Reflection and Action sheets, the curriculum was meaty, challenging, exciting, creative, and transformative. As a coach, Joann was meticulous about her program, guiding us in a firm but compassionate and intuitive fashion from start to finish. Bringing the best of both her corporate and her energy and wellness expertise to the table, Joann clearly loves her “work” and infuses everything she does with both joy and energy to empower others - the perfect founder and CEO of the Empower Coaching Network! Working with Joann is an experience not to be missed, no matter what your ultimate goals might be!

Nancy Horowitz

Coach enrolled in EMPOWER Life Coach certification program


As a result of your engagement in the Empower Life Coach Certification Program you will:

    Master What You've Learned

    As you go through the coaching process and achieve results in your life, you have experienced coaching first hand, applied it to your life and have a deeper understanding, awareness and knowingness of how to coach others. Our program is designed for you to transform your life as you experience the Life Coach Certification Program first hand, through your personal experiences you gain confidence to step into the role as coach to gain hands-on coaching experience with your coach-partner in the class. You will have the opportunity to immediately apply the coaching techniques you learn in this safe learning environment with your coach-partner. Learning takes place through correct application; you will have 6 months of correct application in this program to form a habit.

    As you enhance your natural intuitive abilities, you will master how to effectively isolate and clear issues at their very core. To develop essential interpersonal skills, you will learn about different behavioral styles to relate to people more effectively while developing habit-forming tools that will reinforce your coaching abilities.

    This course is designed to create successes in your life, build your confidence and build your expertise as a Life Coach to influence, inspire and uplift others to achieve success. Once you have done this for yourself, you will be in a power position to help others do the same. Be prepared for your breakthrough, transformation and acceleration!!

    Get excited! We know what can happen when you start taking the right steps in the right direction. The Coaching Certification course has made all the difference for us here at Empower Coaching Network! It can do the same for you!


    Joann Lysiak

      Mindset and Life Transformation Coach and Creator of EMPOWER Life Coach Certification

    Joann is passionate about living her purpose as a Life Transformation Coach by inspiring people to fulfill their dreams, live a purposeful life, transform and thrive. In her 20 years experience in the personal growth industry, she has empowered thousands of people to achieve greatness through her public speaking events, corporate training, seminars, GIN local meetings, wellness programs and one on one coaching sessions. Her intuition guides her to get to the cause of what is holding her clients back, clear it, and coaches them to create their life desires. She enlightens people on how they can shift their thinking to transform their life through their intentional efforts. Joann encourages people to achieve their desires and fulfill their dreams, just as she has in her own life. After her own health crisis, she learned first hand how stuck emotions and limiting beliefs are the hidden causes of undesired results in health, wealth, love and spirituality and must be released for transformative results. What she thought initially was an adversity was her journey to heal, turn it into her greatest health triumph, career and current life purpose. She walks her talk, living her heart's desires with abundant energy, vitality, happiness and empowers others to do the same. “There is no magic lotion, there is no magic potion...the magic is within you!" Joann coaches visionary leaders to unleash their greatness, activate their intuition and ignite their power within to create and live their heart's desires. Joann is a Master Life Coach, Energy Healer, Certified Nutritionist, Applied Kinesiologist – certified in QRA and as a Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner.

    Program Schedule:

    Class Begins Tuesday, August 28, 2018 via 60-75 minute, weekly webinars which will be recorded for replay.

    • 5:30 pm Pacific
    • 6:30 pm Mountain
    • 7:30 pm Central
    • 8:30 pm Eastern

    Enrollment is Through Application.

    Schedule a complimentary 45 minute Discovery Session with Joann at Please allow 48 hours for our process to send you your application, for you to complete it, for us to review it and confirm your appointment if we feel you are right for the program. We look forward to connecting with you!

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